Student Care Referral Team

Student Affairs strives to develop, facilitate, and coordinate a university-wide program of care and support for students through Student Support and Case Management (SSCM) and the Student Care Referral Team (SCRT). Together Student Support and Case Management and SCRT assist University of Kansas students, staff, faculty, and family members who have concerns about a specific student’s behaviors and/or well-being and do not know where to turn.

•Encourage prompt reporting of behaviors of concern to the SCRT.
•Encourage early identification of individuals who may be experiencing difficulty coping with their environment or life circumstances.

Education•Provide information to faculty, staff, and students regarding the indicators of potentially dangerous or troublesome behaviors.
•Inform faculty, staff and students of existing and relevant policies and protocols which provide a course of action to address various alleged behaviors.
Consultation•Provide recommendations regarding University sanctions or disciplinary actions to appropriate University authorities in cases violating the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
•Provide information and consultation regarding appropriate response options to difficult student situations.
•Assist with the development of an appropriate response to behaviors which warrant concern.
Assessment•Respond to concerns regarding a student’s observed or reported behavior.
•Investigate circumstances surrounding the reported concerns.
•Determine the student’s need for further assessment of threat to self or others.
•Recommend enforcement or education options that may be selected by University Officials in response to specific and verified student behaviors.

SCRT Team Members:

Rachel Auten, Director, Student Support and Case Management

James Druen, Deputy Chief, KU Public Safety

Dannah Hartley, Associate Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

Dr. Laurie Wesely, Interim Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Andrew Shoemaker, Executive Director, University Academic Support Centers

Melissa Stewart, Director, Student Conduct and Community Standards

Jennifer Wamelink, Associate Vice Provost, Student Affairs, Chair for SCRT

Sarah Waters, Director, KU Student Housing

Eron Memaj, Director, International Support Services

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