Pepsi Program Product Request

Product is to be used for University programs that benefit a large proportion of the KU community (current students, faculty, and staff); promote a sense of community life at KU; promote academic life at KU; and/or promote community service efforts.  Prior Pepsi product awards should not be considered a guarantee of future awards.

All applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event date.

STOP! - have you reviewed all of the requirements, restrictions, and process info before clicking to apply?  If not, scroll down and review to help ensure that you have a successful application before applying below.  


Request for Product must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event date. Products are not to be sold. If you are augmenting your soda supply, be advised that purchases must be made from the Kansas Union for events held on campus.

Process to Apply

All requests must be submitted via the web application. You will receive an e-mail acceptance or denial notice. If your request is accepted you will receive information on pickup/delivery process.

Criteria for Evaluating All Requests

The merit/impact of the proposal: Who is the target audience? Is there a volunteer/service element? Has the program received product before? Can the program be administered without product? How does the product availability enhance the program? Does it involve collaboration between organizations or units? Does the program meet a community need? The effectiveness of the program: How many students/university community members are being affected? What other benefits may be derived by this program?

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