Parent Notification Information

KU notifies parents/legal guardians of any student under the age of 21 at the very first known violation of the drug policy and at the second known violation of the alcohol policy, so long as the first violation did not involve a threat to the health of the student and/or others. 

Visit the KU Policy Library for the complete Parent Notification Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Notification


What is the goal of parental notification?
The goal is to enlist parental support for fostering more appropriate student behavior to create a safer community environment and reduce the many negative impacts of substance abuse.


Why does KU notify parents?
Research shows that parents continue to have significant influence over the attitudes and behaviors of their college-age students. The University believes that students benefit from discussions with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) about the effects of alcohol or use of controlled substances and the importance of community standards.

When is parent notification necessary?
KU has chosen to notify parents when a Lawrence campus student under the age of 21 is found responsible for an alcohol or drug policy violation.

Following the first known violation of university policy or state law regarding drugs, parents are notified.

Following the first known violation of university policy or state law regarding alcohol, when the suspected use of alcohol has:

  • Placed the student in a life-threatening situation as determined by an attending medical professional or as reasonably determined by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee.
  • Caused the student to be in a physical or mental state that has prompted intervention by university personnel, police, or medical personnel out of concern for the student’s wellbeing or to address the student’s conduct.
  • Endangered the health or welfare of another person, including any report by police of arrest for driving on campus while under the influence of alcohol.

Following the second known violation of university policy or state law regarding alcohol, parents are notified.

Following a violation of university policy or state law regarding alcohol or other drugs that results in the cancellation of the student’s university housing contract, parents are notified.

What is the Parent Notification Letter?
The letter to parents is a standard letter that informs the parent(s) that their under 21-year-old student has been found responsible of violating the University’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and/or state or city alcohol or drug laws. It provides information for the parent on drug and alcohol use and abuse, explains University resources, and gives the parent someone to contact at the University if they so desire.

Does the Parent Notification Policy apply only to students who live on campus?
KU will notify parents of any student under the age of 21 when the University becomes aware of a violation of the University’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and/or state or city alcohol or drug laws. Practically speaking, it is much easier for KU to be aware of violations that occur in University-owned housing.

What if the student is 21 or over?
If a student is 21 or over, the parents will not be notified unless a medical professional has determined that the incident constitutes a health or safety issue. This practice is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which allows notification only to the parent/legal guardian for students who are under 21 and who have violated a drug or alcohol law or policy.

Will parents be notified if a student is charged with a violation of the policy?
Parents are notified when a student is found responsible for violating the policy, not the initial charge. However, in the case of a possible alcohol poisoning the parent may be notified earlier.

May parents opt out of the KU Parental Notification program?

Will parents be given full facts about the alcohol and drug violation?
Parents will receive written notification of the violation, but not the detailed circumstances. The details are available on request from either the student or the University.

Does the Parent Notification Policy apply to off-campus alcohol and drug violation?
Yes, if the University is officially informed of the violation. Practically speaking, the University generally is not made aware of off-campus violations.

Does KU notify of every alcohol or drug violation?
KU notifies parents at the second violation of the alcohol and/or drug policy. Parents are informed of a possible alcohol poisoning.

Where can I learn more about the alcohol and drug education programs that may be required for my student?
Visit the Alcohol and KU website.

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